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Smart Cities. What was once a catchphrase has become a global reality as local governments, Municipalities recognize the importance of providing residents with a world of comfort, social duty, and speed with Smart Parking Services

Technology that impacts smart parking in cities isn’t about parking itself so much as distributing information to planning cities and their services. While cameras, sensors, and wireless transference of data are vital to establishing such a solution, it’s the data harvested and provided and how it’s used that makes for a solution. It really works in sending real-time information to commuters and drivers to let them know where to find available parking.

How Smart Parking delivers our smart city integration technology.

In the development of “smart communities,” technology plays a pivotal part. City administrators will be able to make more educated choices about the future of their city because of the real-time view it gives of events, as well as the mountains of data it generates that, with proper analysis, can shed light on underlying behaviours and patterns.

We have our own in-house R&D and development teams, so we can provide cutting-edge parking information to devices and rich data to smart communities through Smart Park 360˚, making life easier for drivers and business owners equally.

Convenience, congestion, urban movement, expense, and the transmission of actionable information and data are all areas where smart parking solutions can make a significant impact on the smart city eco structure.

Unlocking the power of Smart Park 360˚

Cities and towns all over the world can benefit from having a Smart Park 360˚ system installed, as it allows them to do more than just gather and analyse parking data. Our Smart Park 360˚ Gateway’s open networking and Smart Park 360˚’s tight integration make it possible for users to plug in any Internet of Things (IoT) monitor they choose.

This means that public Wi-Fi, security, lighting, air quality, digital displays, and other “smart city” services can all be managed by municipal administrators using the same data analytics tool.

No other parking service comes close to Smart Park 360˚, an IoT framework for smart communities. Our long-term goal is to complete the development of a cloud-based framework that will allow communities to monitor and respond to data from an interconnected IoT infrastructure.

Smart Park 360˚

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Smart Parking is now new normal with the upcoming Smart Cities in India and across the globe and you must embrace our Smart Park 360˚ – the only IOT enabled AI based Smart Parking management system.

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