Smart Park 360˚
API Libraries & Connectors
Leverage hundreds of API connectors and easily connect your Parking devices & peripherals like signage, boom barriers, PoS devices, signals etc. with our vast API library, No matter which brand/make of device you are using.
Application Programming Interface (API) is a messenger that processes requests and ensures seamless functioning of Smart Park 360˚.

Smart Park 360˚ API enables interaction between Command Control data, different applications, and peripheral. It delivers data and facilitates connectivity between devices and command control.

Smart Park 360˚ APIs ensure a seamless communication between various applications. But, it is so done by exposing limited amount of a program’s internal functions. For example, Smart Park 360˚ is enabled by API to show the Parking lots on Google Maps. So, in other words, API integration eases parking operators and benefits consumers.