Smart Park 360˚
Cloud Command Control
Our in-house developed, state-of-the-art, robust, and cutting-edge tool, Command Control, provides a birds-eye view of all your smart parking lots from a single spot.
Smart Park 360˚

Cloud Command Control

Technology that impacts smart parking in cities isn’t about parking itself so much as distributing information to planning cities and their services. While cameras, sensors, and wireless transference of data are vital to establishing such a solution, it’s the data harvested and provided and how it’s used that makes for a solution. It really works in sending real-time information to commuters and drivers to let them know where to find available parking.

Operator's 360˚ View

The Smart Park 360˚ Operator Panel gives every parking operator the ability to centrally monitor and control all of their parking data in one convenient place. Each parking operator is given access to the Smart Park 360˚ Operator dashboard, a centralised hub for viewing relevant parking statistics. When it comes to monitoring occupancy, income, stay length, and reporting, the Operator dashboard is where it's at

Parking Heatmap

Parking Heatmap

The Traffic Dashboard offers a heat map that depicts busy areas across the various districts of a particular city. These data are driven by information about real-time parking, and they are also influenced by events that occur in the real world, such as the weather, traffic, and so on, in addition to historical patterns of occupancy in those places.

Real Time Occupancy

The analytics product offered by Smart Park 360˚ gathers information from both on-street and off-street systems, analyses it with our own secret algorithm, and then sends the results on to the driver's system in the shape of occupancy data. Accessing real-time parking occupancy information is possible for motorists through the Smart Park 360˚ citizen mobile app, third-party web or mobile applications integrating the Smart Park 360˚ API, and integrated inbuilt OEM car navigation systems.


We've built Smart Park 360˚on top of established IoT Core infrastructure. We created an architecture according to the scalability and maintainability strategy for our client's team.


Operations like adding hundreds of sensors to a gateway with a built-in network server typically require a long time to implement on the hardware side. Such long operations might exceed the existing Cloud API gateway timeout. Our development team used job processing and polling mechanisms to meet Cloud API timeout requirements.


The developed system supports both asynchronous and synchronous interactions. This enables deployed functional flows and those planned for future project releases.


We implemented interactions like gateway configuration updates by ensuring continuous bidirectional gateway data synchronization based on AWS, Azure and Google IoT Core shadows and events.


For interactions like managing a gateway via an SSH tunnel, we used an cloud proxy server layer and custom services built on top of it. This approach helped us keep the app structure consistent, resolve potential security challenges, and guarantee app flexibility in the event of changing the cloud provider.

Smart Park 360˚

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The Smart Park 360˚ Reporting & Analytics product provides parking operators, facility owners, and city planners with the ability to visualise parking trends and make data-driven choices based on that information. Parking managers and municipal planners can benefit from our parking analytics.

Traffic planning for upcoming events, planning for enforcement routes, parking utilisation and demand across different clusters/business areas in a city, and aiding operators in yield management through the use of predictive analytics to make better pricing and inventory allocation decisions are all areas that can benefit from Smart Park 360˚'s analytics product.

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Our goal is to make our intelligent parking control and integrated smart parking services available to everyone.


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